Attendance Management Solutions – the consistent and easy to use notification system accessible from any telephone. Check out our options and features included.

Managing Absenteeism

Absenteeism has an enormous impact on productivity. Managing absenteeism is a challenge to every enterprise: public and private. Communication and consistent consequences are two keys to managing absenteeism. Communication begins with clear processes and continues with technology to help employees notify their management or clients when they will unexpectedly be tardy or absent. Consequences begin with agreed-upon standards of attendance and consistent enforcement without surprises.

Our Services

The Cagrus Attendance Management Solutions are used by clients of all sizes. We use a versatile hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) infrastructure to provide information to your community members 24 hours a day.

Our Hosted Solution puts the communication features at your disposal in the matter of a few weeks. The technology is maintained by Cagrus, with no installation or capital investment required. Use the standard features or contact a Cagrus implementation specialist to discuss integrating with your business systems.

Our Enterprise Solution gives you the greatest flexibility in absenteeism management practices. Cagrus implementation specialists work with you to design the details of your corporate site implementation, from business rules through technology implications.

Attendance Management Solutions = Cost Savings

According to a recent Mercer study the combined costs of incidental and extended absences can add up to 9% of annual payroll. That same study showed that unplanned absences account for account for a 19% loss of productivity while planned absences yield a smaller 13% loss with 16% for extended absences.

Let Cagrus minimize your productivity losses with real time notifications that facilitate staff planning. AMS is a tool that allows more effective staffing that increases productivity while reducing administrative, overtime and other personnel-related costs.

Ease of Use and Reporting

An employee simply uses any touch-tone telephone to call into the Absence Management System – similar to ordering a prescription. The Absence Management System immediately updates the website and instantly sends absence notifications to all notification lists for the employee along with any Return to Work forms to Human Resources completely filled in.

Our Features

Proactive Exception Reporting

  • Augments existing Time and Attendance systems
  • Lowers absences and reduces tardies by holding the employee accountable
  • Improves manpower planning
  • Provides a single reporting point of contact

Automated Telephone Collection System

  • You receive your own Toll Free number
  • Employees receive a confirmation number as verification of call. Completely traceable
  • Employees can leave voice messages for management
  • Custom Call Scripts available. Ask your own questions

Real-Time Call In Reporting

  • Instant notification via website and/or any email enabled device
  • Call-In Log for the day’s absences
  • Form Creation – Discipline, Return To Work, any form – system generated and emailed to management with pertinent information filled in.

Recording and Tracking of Absence and Tardy events

  • Real-time Call-In Reporting
  • Complete Employee Call History
  • View call off trends over time
  • Record and Track Absents and Tardiness
  • Easy access to all call logs and voice mails

Convenient Confirmation

  • Generated Confirmation Numbers can be sent to employee’s phone
  • No need for the employee to record the number on a piece of paper

Discipline Tracking Module

  • Complete history of employee discipline events
  • Disciplines are automatically assigned or removed based on call history thresholds you define
  • Discipline Points/Reports are automatically generated by the system based on your union or shop rules

Premium Features

Intermittent FMLA Tracking Module

  • Certification tracking
  • Automatically captures time used for all certifications
  • Eliminates FMLA time usage abuse
  • Reduces FMLA administration paperwork
  • All paperwork can be generated by the system

Third-Party FMLA Administrators

We transfer FMLA calling employees to third party FMLA administrators to facilitate the transfer of information.  Once the employee has finished calling to report an absence, we can transfer that employee to your third party FMLA administrator all in one call.

SMS/Text Broadcast

  • Personnel can sign up to receive SMS/text messages through their phone
  • Broadcast plant closings, shift cancellations and weather announcements
  • Personnel can stay informed.

Custom Data Feeds

  • Custom Data Feeds to and from the system beyond the standard website csv import.
  • FTP Dropbox or API Feeds
  • Custom formats

We help
  • all types
  • all sizes
of organizations with Absence Management, let us help you!

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