The Effects of FMLA on the Workplace

The Effects of FMLA on the Workplace

How can we measure the FMLA impact on the workplace? The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a well-known program that is regulated by the Department of Labor. FMLA offers job protection in the form of 12 weeks of unpaid leave each calendar year for those employees who qualify. There are options for full time leave and for intermittent leave, depending on the family or medical circumstances that exist. This is a wonderful benefit for eligible employees, but it can create a nightmare for employers because of the negative effects that it has on staffing, productivity and the morale of other employees.

FMLA eligibility is based on 12 months of employment, working 1,250 hours within the past year and 50 or more employees present at, or within 75 miles of, the employee’s location. Qualifying reasons for FMLA leave include the birth of a child, placement for adoption or foster care, a serious health condition and caring for an immediate family member. Employees are supposed to work with their doctors and the company, to facilitate open lines of communication in regards to their upcoming FMLA absences. This is more often the exception rather than the rule though. The Human Resource department should be manually reconciling this as needed, depending on the number of employees at that location. Intermittent leaves are usually an indication that the reasons for the leave are expected to create unforeseeable needs for absences from work. In addition to the above reasons for absences, there are employees that will call in sick and will not show up, without notice. It is crucial that all of this information is both organized and available each and every day. Many companies fail to utilize an absence management solution and struggle with the challenges that FMLA can create for them.

Since 1993, FMLA has been in existence and it is highly likely that it will remain in place and a viable option for those full time employees that need the protection that it offers. The program is often the only thing that stands between an employee keeping their job and losing it, for violating their employer’s attendance policy. For those employees who need FMLA, it is wonderful, but the FMLA impact on the workplace is not always positive. It can be taxing on a company’s workforce, and FMLA can even be abused if not managed correctly. The results from these scenarios can have catastrophic effects on the bottom line and daily operations of an organization. Overtime is used excessively, administrative efforts are maximized and discipline and attendance tracking become cumbersome. There is good news in all of this. Help is available with a premium absence management solution from Cagrus. This allows companies to save money and time by taking advantage of the cutting edge, attendance and time tracking software solutions. Please inquire within to explore your unique needs and you can be the next company to join the list of satisfied clients.

What can be done to lessen the FMLA impact on the workplace? Our absence management solution is now an option for your organization. Here at Cagrus, our team will evaluate your unique needs. We offer custom solutions for your business, and we offer hosted solutions for businesses of all sizes. Real-time reporting of your daily exceptions, automated call in lines with email notification, discipline tracking and attendance history are just a few of the advantages that we will bring to your organization. When you consider the real “domino effect” that FMLA related absences start in your organization, it is definitely something that you must not ignore. We will help increase your efficiencies and reduce your expenses with the benefits that our product offers you. It is possible to accommodate the employees on leave and do so in an efficient manner when you have the right team in your corner. Consider how your company might improve its organization with our absence management tools.

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